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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Galloping to the Finish Line

Up to page 231, but while I have not produced many new pages, I have gone a l-o-o-o-ong way to outlining the rest of the book to its climax. It's sort of like story-boarding in the screen writer's world. Who needs to be where, how do they get there, what happens. That also required some back story, things that happened "off stage," including the murder itself, which details will be revealed in the chapters to come.

In the back of my mind, the first inklings of the next mystery in the Jack Watson series (OMG! I'm calling it a series now!). The first notion is to have two mysteries to solve--one concerning a stalker and the other will have to be something more insidiously criminal. I'm also thinking that Tabitha Solo will take more of a back seat, and I'll introduce a new POV on the protagonist side. I'll keep that purposefully vague for now until after "The Changeling Kill" hits the market.

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