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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Off Day

No new pages today, but did a lot of planning in my head. Sometimes, I "write" scenes in my head, playing them out like a movie. A couple of big ones are coming up, ones which define and redefine some of the characters and their interrelationships.

In the way of progress, I did some hunting for images on the web for the cover of "The Changeling Kill." It's very strange how one time I'll be searching and think I've found the perfect thing, a free image of one of the elements I need, and then the next time I go looking for it, I can't find it again, even with the same search terms on the same sites. My editor at Write Words advised that there should not be any need to pay for images as there is plenty out there for free. I guess I just haven't caught the trick of finding it. Images, clip art, royalty-free, vectors--the terminology of the web seems to evolve just one step faster than I can keep up. But I have some time on this cover as the galleys probably won't be ready for proofing for a few more weeks.

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