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Monday, March 19, 2012


Page 135 and now starting Chapter 9. I would have produced a lot more except that I spent some time working through details of who does what to whom and why. When it comes to the actions that move the plot, even the minor characters need believable motivation. While what each one does based on those motivations may be good or bad, there must be a reason.

Although I am writing fiction here, I feel it's important to make it as close to real life as it can be in the important ways. Very rarely is any one person totally good or totally evil. Sometimes we cannot agree with their choices or actions, but those should at least be understandable and come from a reasoning process that people can relate to. It would be easy to just label this character or that character an evil person and not try to rationalize what they do, but I think that's more like comic-book fare. Figuring out all the motivations involved in "Game Faces" was a challenge because there are a lot of different factions involved.

On a side note, a friend just finished reading "The Dreamer Gambit," and her praise for it and my abilities made me blush. She said something very interesting,, though. She commented that after reading the book and being a bit awed by the intricacies and the ideas, to be sitting there talking with the person who wrote it inspired even more awe. Meanwhile, from my perspective, I don't feel very awe inspiring. I'm just a person who likes to make up stories and weave mysteries which I am fortunate enough to have read by others.

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