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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cat and Mouse

Not much done in writing today. Just a couple of pages. This is a tricky passage, and I know how part of it should play out but not all of it. Certain things must be accomplished to move forward, but it's all going to happen in conversation, a duel of wits. That can be difficult to do while making sure the upper hand is evenly divided between two characters. Tracy is a smart woman, and the man she is facing off against, is smart too. When their conversation is done, a new source of conflict will emerge which will be vital to the final "big scene."

Once again, I had to stop at various times to do research: what is the location of the Miami Police Department headquarters? What other places surround it? These are minor details, but they are the sort of thing that a reader familiar with the locale would notice. If I get it wrong, such a reader might be distracted from the story with an "Aha!" moment of noting my error. Some details of this sort are bound to get by me, but the more I can eliminate up front, the more comfortable I'll be about knowledgeable readers.

OTHER UPDATES: Now have  7 cover designs for "The Changeling Kill." Two might already be out of the running, and three of them are essentially the same but with slightly different color schemes. I'm not sure which would be the most eye-catching. Maybe I should post them on this page and see if anyone has a preference!

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