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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Which Way To Go?

Page 162, still in Chapter 10. I've got two situations coming up, and each one has two possible directions it can take. Decision making has put me in a stall. Should Tracy act on Pappy's advice? Who should be responsible for a burglary? I also have a choice in how to proceed: make a firm decision or pick one or the other direction, start writing it, and see how I like it. I can always go back and change it around as necessary.

A friend of mine who read "Two Faces Two Faced" expressed an opinion about the relationship between Tracy and Alex, how she would like it to turn out. I know how I would like it to be in the overall, but I must also consider it from one book to the next. I like Alex and there's plenty of conflict to mine from the differences between him and Tracy. I'm thinking in terms of their relationship having its ups and downs throughout a series. (No, I don't have any ideas for a third entry yet. I'm still working out the second.)

Another pending decision is the cover art for "The Changeling Kill." I've got four designs made up, but I definitely have a favorite which has two versions. The difference is slight, but each time I think I'll go with my top choice, I begin to wonder if the second one might be better. And I had another concept I thought might be worth trying, potentially bringing the possibilities up to five. This is the first time I've come up with so many ideas on a cover. Well, once the galleys arrive for me to proof, I guess I'll just go with whatever favorite I have at the moment.

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