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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Too Much or Too Little

Page 154 (so far) and well into Chapter 10. Tracy is approaching a turning point, a "don't get mad, get even" moment. She's not quite there yet. Still, there are some more bumps ahead when people take their own actions. Getting this part right--the perfect amount of information at each step of the way--is very important. Glad I made a bunch of notes as I noodled it out, as close as I ever get to making an outline.

I had to go do some quick research as I wrote to make sure I got the facts right. In this case, the facts deal with a medical procedure, and while I have no intention of trying to describe it in detail, I want enough of it to ring true with anyone who knows about it already and to bring the appropriate amount of drama. Yeah, I want to make the reader cringe a little. What happened to Tracy is awful, and the reader should share her feelings about it. On the other hand, I'm not trying to gross anyone out. What's important is that it happened and how she feels about it. Too much detail would also slow the pacing and eventually have no bearing on the outcome.

Still working on cover art for "The Changeling Kill." Here too it's a balancing act. The cover should be intriguing  and relate to the novel inside, but it should not provide too much information that could give away the answer to the mystery. I'm going to cobble together a couple more covers, and then I'll decide which one looks best. Shelley, the editor at Write Words, always sets up some kind of cover for the galleys. Who knows? Maybe what she comes up with will be better than any of my designs.

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