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Friday, March 30, 2012

Nitty Gritty

Not much real writing done today, a few new pages and some reworking in previous sections.

Getting closer to the Big Climax, and it was time to take a step back and work through some of the details. I knew for quite a while who killed the murder victim and why and how, but the details became more important. Tracy is trying to gather facts about what happened--both to the murder victim and herself--and she will ask a crucial question that will kick off the major action sequence.

Before that happens, though, she has to draw some relationships that begin to point to a motive. (She'll develop one that may or may not be correct.) So today I started drawing diagrams to figure out who is related to whom and how. But knowing is not enough. The relationships must be able to be discovered by Tracy in her searching or else she can't use them to form a hypothesis.

I can almost sense a dyed-in-the-wool outline writing author rolling his/her eyes at my lack of planning and organization. But therein lies the beauty of the computer age to the writer. I can go backwards, forwards, fix, adjust, change, rewrite, put it back, rewrite it again, and on and on until it's right. No wasted paper, no massive retyping. How did people ever create a clean manuscript back in the days of typewriters?

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