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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big Trouble

Page 89, well into chapter 6. Tracy is now dealing with more complications in her relationships and still uncertain how she feels about someone new who entered her world. A character from "Two Faces, Two Faced" made a brief return appearance. Next up, for the remainder of the chapter, she probes deeper into the murder and gets deeper into danger.

I did have to go back and rework a previous section. It had to set the stage for what's about to happen, but the way I first wrote it seemed too stagy and maybe too obvious. That's one of the challenges of writing a mystery. You have to provide enough basis and clues early on so that later revelations make sense and don't require exposition of things that occurred "off stage." At the same time, it all has to be natural and not too suspicious, lest the reader think, "How could she be so stupid to fall for that?" If the reader sees it coming before the character does, I've failed to get it right and might lose credibility.

Still toying with the ending, specifically the relationship issues. The mystery? That's solved, at least in my head.

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