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Friday, March 9, 2012

Tricky Business

Just started Chapter 5, and it comes in the midst of some relationship stuff. I always find it difficult to introduce strife between two characters who love each other or characters I like. (I like most of my characters, even the baddies.) But the highs and lows of relationships, the fights, the making up, the getting to know someone and responding to mutual attraction, are part of life and, let's face it, the juicy stuff is something that people want. I know I look for it in a book I'm reading and get bored very quickly if there isn't any.

I also did some advance planning about the plot points ahead, sorting out the order of things. I still don't have the exact ending down yet; I toss around ideas to see how they feel and how I feel by the time I get there. I've found it doesn't work very well to plan the entire book to the end because I always wind up changing it. I know there are authors who carefully outline and even do a synopsis before starting on the actual manuscript, but for me, the characters come in and take over and make decisions that suit them and guide their fate. When that happens, the nice, neat ending I had in mind goes right out the window, and I have to re-examine everything to figure out what the characters want to happen.

Also did some tinkering with the motive for the murder. It could be a couple of different things, but while one might be very surprising and dramatic, it might also be unbelievable. The same can happen if the motive behind heinous acts comes off too lame. It's a tricky business.

Got another review on "Two Faces Two Faced" via Amazon today. I'm also rethinking the cover for "The Changeling Kill." While it may be a while before I need to have it done, the cover for "Faces" taught me a lesson about waiting too long. That line which forms the two faces for that cover took FOREVER to get onto the computer and into the cover. I'm about to go searching for images on the Internet to see what I can do for "Changeling."

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