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Friday, August 23, 2013

Transitional Phase

First, I received confirmation yesterday that I will be participating in Bookfest 2013 in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. I'll be selling my books in the Glen Ellyn Public Library, signing them, handing out promotional materials, and chatting with readers. In light of that, I started updating those materials--websites and a book brochure--to reflect the coming September release of "Seer, Tyro, Fiend." I updated a booklet format to use and I'll have to begin printing. I also need to order books to sell.

I've made it through a polishing pass on "Where Power Lies," which I think is the title for "Resistance." It just seems to be a better one for a lot of reasons I believe I discussed in a prior post. More readings will be required because I think it's a bit long--85,000+ words, and I still need to make sure it flows properly and certain ideas are not restated as I think I may have done. This morning, I rewrote the ending, which I knew I would do after the first draft was complete. Now I like the way it ends because it offers hope for the situation to improve but also leaves the door open for more adventures in a new series. Don't know if I'm going to go there yet. No final decisions on the cover at this time either.

Next up is a third Windsong Lake book, as I've mentioned. I need to do some research on a few things first that will help me construct the mystery at stake. I may get started on this while I give "Where Power Lies" a brief rest.

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