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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Paper Editions

Looks like "Dabblers," "Stranger Faces," and "Game Faces" will at last be available in paperback editions very soon. I can hardly wait to start stocking up for my two upcoming library events.

Working on "Where Power Lies" this morning, I realized two long sections of dialog will need to be revised. They both introduce a line of thought as though it were brand new, but that can only happen once. I know I'll still have to go back over the whole book and look for that sort of thing in other places. The only method I know of is to jot down notes in a separate file while I read of the important things that occur. Then I can more easily determine if I've got any duplication.

I've also started reading my first book for Windy City Reviews, and the book in question has passed the first hurdle--it drew me in. More on that when the review comes out. I also abandoned another book I was trying to read. It did not draw me in. Several pages into the book, I still had no idea who the main character was. I couldn't connect. I tried my old trick of turning to the back to see how it ends, but the last pages contained a whole different set of characters not introduced in the early part of the story. Ah, well . . .

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