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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blog Traffic, Reviews, and Progress

Very odd. One of my posts from back in April has been getting page views at a ridiculous level all of a sudden. The statistics feature of Blogspot don't give me any insight into where this is coming from, but I'm not looking the gift horse in the mouth. I only hope that all those hits are generating some real sales.

This morning, I sent in a bio and picture to Windy City Reviews to become a volunteer book reviewer for Chicago area authors. The link above leads to a page describing how to get a book reviewed there and all the particulars. Since I've been trying to do more reading of late, perhaps doing it as a reviewer will be more effective. I read more, other authors get reviews for their works, and each review I post on the site, as well as Goodreads and Amazon, give me a spot of publicity. I had "Dabblers" reviewed on the site, and I figured I could return the favor.

Back to "Resistance." I keep finding little details to tweak which highlight the fact that the story is set in the future. While it's fun to imagine what technological advances we'll make by that time, I don't spend a lot of words on these things in the manuscript. Page after page of description bogs down the pace, and I know of one place where I may have pushed that to the limit already. Dee, my main character, reflects on the changes of the last 50 years in Chapter 2, because the stage must be set and the time frame established for the reader. I might wind up scattering more of the facts when I get to the editing stage.

Big, big scene coming up, and I'm bearing down on the finish line.

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