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Monday, August 19, 2013

Almost There

Maybe five pages to go on "Resistance" before I have a first draft. I've been considering the title some more, and I just might revert to the old one, "Where Power Lies." The working title doesn't have much punch, the more cryptic "ReSys10s" might be too cryptic and neither version gives any real idea of what sort of book it is. "Where Power Lies" has two meanings--about who has power and about how the powerful tell lies. That says a lot about what the book is about. I've pretty much decided to leave the door open for a sequel at some point, which is why I haven't finished those last pages yet.

Then I'll get into editing and refining. The manuscript is going to finish up around 85,000 words, but I already know a few things that will be changed and some passages that will be removed.

Cover art. I have a concept in my head with no clue how to execute it. So what else is new? I will also need a blurb, a synopsis, and all that stuff. All the supporting documents usually seem a daunting task when they're all ahead of me, but I generally find them not so bad once I get into it.

Next up, a third Windsong Lake book.

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