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Monday, August 12, 2013

All Mapped Out

Over the weekend, I planned the rest of "Resistance" in my head. Really. I know what all the scenes are pretty much--they kind of track with the older version of the manuscript--and how it turns out. Naturally, there will be details to iron out along the way, and then the arduous task of proofing, editing, polishing, proofing, etc., etc. I am debating internally about the title. The thought I had first was calling it "ReSys10s" which phonetically comes out to something close to "Resistance." Would that be clear to potential readers? Is it too clever and cute? It does appear in the novel, of course, but rather late into it. The title of the ms. before the rework was "Where Power Lies." It does fit the work because it's about the secret lines of power that exist as well as how that power structure falsifies things. The only other matter which remains unclear is if there will be a sequel or if this story wraps it up.

I left off writing a third Jack Watson mystery in favor of doing "Resistance" and having something unfinished can nag at me. I've also got some good ideas about the next Windsong Lake book, but I may have mentioned earlier that I have to create an intricate, enigmatic puzzle to be solved before I can write about it. The inspiration for that beckons where the Jack Watson book doesn't seem to lead anywhere yet. I imagine I'll get back to it eventually, but I don't want to commit to it and spend time trying to come up with something when my imagination is freely handing out new stuff for other books.

Undisciplined me...

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