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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Pacing Quandary

Working on "Resistance" this morning, I'm still in the section where I need to reveal a lot of information. Dee is expanding her horizons, so to speak, learning about a different sort of life that's available to her even as her former life is falling apart. The new life comes with many benefits but new risks.

While all this is interesting and open to creativity, there's a part of my brain warning about the pace slowing down. Laying out these facts behind Dee's opportunity is important groundwork, especially if "Resistance" were to become a series as was originally intended with its first incarnation. Yet the current mystery is somewhat stalled while all this stuff gets out. It's hard to tell exactly what impact it has or will have while writing it in such small pieces from day to day. Perhaps the thing to do is keep at it, lay all the pavement for the next phase of the mainline plot and worry about editing later.

On another front, I have occasionally lapsed into thoughts about another Windsong Lake book, for which I already have some notes about scenes. An idea about the shape of the mystery came to me yesterday, and of course, seeing the story develop in my head always makes me want to start writing. But I know I must have some discipline in my writing. I already put aside Book 3 of the Jack Watson series to do "Resistance." Also, the second Windsong Lake book, "Seer, Tyro, Fiend" isn't even out yet.

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