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Monday, August 5, 2013

Changing the Story

Over the weekend, I had some ideas about "Resistance," and after completing a bunch of errands this morning, I went back through the manuscript to work them in. I'm seeing the exact sort of thing I had hoped for when I reopened this story, that the world of the future continues to evolve and expand and gain detail. It does this without my trying. I keep thinking about the movie "Inception." In that movie, the characters were able to immerse themselves into dreamworlds and construct and reconstruct their settings at will. There are some great scenes of a city folding over on itself, rearing up and changing all around the characters. Sometimes, the evolving of my make-believe world seem to do the same thing inside my head.

My main character, Dee, has a history of living in a fantasy world, making up situations in which she is someone more important, more clever, more just about anything than who she is. Her best friend warns her that she's going to lose her grip on what is real, and when Dee's adventure begins, she starts to wonder if her friend was right. She sees a world far different from what she identifies as "real," but her determination to find the truth about the death of a friend shows her that the real world is not at all what she thinks it is. Her world keeps changing. She keeps changing. She wrestles with which world she wants to keep because the old one has some good things in it. That's one of the main themes of "Resistance."

Oh, man, I love this stuff!

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