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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Who's Who

Had an appointment late this morning, so I haven't gotten a lot of work done on "Resistance" today so far. I'm eager to get back into it this afternoon, though. While pulling entire scenes from the older version of the book saves some time, I'm also dealing with the plot line changes. Some scenes are being shifted in the time line as well.

For the sake of references in future posts, I'm going to introduce the lead characters in "Resistance."

Deanna Kirkland - My first person point of view character. She's a computer tech-y, single, living alone, very unsure of herself in many ways. She invents fantasies in her head for amusement, well aware that they're not real. She longs to do something as exciting and important as she daydreams about, but there are reasons why she feels that is hopeless. Of course, the situation she gets into may lead her to reevaluate herself.

Reese Ballard - A quirky sort of guy with a highly unusual job and colorful background. It's through him that Dee's life takes dramatic changes.

Walter Wolfson - Senator Wolfson, whom Dee works for and who is at the center of a dangerous scandal.

Andy Shelborn - Wolfson's right-hand man and a handsome snake.

Teresa Santiago - Dee's best friend, also works in Wolfson's offices. She thinks Dee makes up too many fantasies and might have forgotten how to keep them separate from reality, especially in regard to Dee's unwitting involvement in a murder.

There are more, but telling about them here would require revelations of the story line and perhaps some spoilers. Besides, I want to get back to the story...

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