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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Giving in to Distractions

I reached a point in "Resistance" yesterday where I knew I had to relay a lot of information between my two main characters but I wasn't sure about the order of things. After floundering around for a while, unable to make a solid decision, I chose to back off and do something else which often proves to be the remedy for these instances.

Earlier in the month, I bought a book by an author I learned of through Twitter and her blog. I started reading it after I downloaded it, but then I got distracted by my own stuff. I figured it was time to go back and finish it. After a quick run through the earlier chapters to refresh my memory of what I'd already read, I kept going. I was almost done when I stopped last night and finished up this morning. Then I wrote a review.

Reviews. An author wants them because readers often rely on them in making choices of what to read. These days, it's so much easier to get a lot of opinions about a book, and not just from big-time professional reviewers. I imagine other writers look at them the same way I do, eager to see absolutely everyone praise their work as the best they've ever read. When writing a review, I'm also plagued by the idea that if I say something too negative, the writer will turn right around and give a nasty review to one of my books out of spite. It's a throwback to a childhood fear of standing up for one's self, of being the one to cast the first stone. The adult, intellectual me understands that not everyone will like my works, and I assume everyone else understands that I may not necessarily like what they do. In short, bad reviews are gonna happen.

And then I go back to wishing someone would write a review of one of my books and post it on Goodreads or Amazon where people can see how much they loved my work, automatically assuming that they did love my work. I think it must be some kind of writer's disease.

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