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Monday, July 8, 2013

Getting Down and Catching Up

With the holiday weekend over, it's time to get back to it. This morning, I started looking at "The Janus Rule" to see how to fix the problem I found last week, i.e., things progressing too fast. Doing this revision now may help solidify the vision for the rest of the book too. The main problem is that, as I read over what I've written, I like some of it so much that I resist changing it. I guess it's good in a way.

On the promotional front, I received an excellent review for "Dabblers" on its Facebook page, and I've added it to pages in my Google site as well as this blog. The full review will come out on Windy City Reviews and should also appear on Amazon and Goodreads. In an exchange of emails with the reviewer, I've also got some potential appearance opportunities ahead. In addition, another Write Words author and I have been discussing joint appearances at local libraries.

Tomorrow, I'll be hosting a Q&A session on Goodreads (that's Tuesday and Wednesday, July 9 & 10). Hopefully, other members will join in and ask questions about my novels. Goodreads is a great site for readers and authors, and I heartily encourage anyone who likes books to join. It's free and full of good information about books.

Talking with my husband yesterday, I mentioned that after this project, I have three more books on deck to be written. A third entry in the Windsong Lake series has a sort of working title, "Moonstone Manor." The other two will be reworks of earlier books, both with a science fiction feel. I don't write "hard" science fiction, loaded with technology and space battles. I'm more interested in putting characters in unusual circumstances in an exploration of what it is to be human, what drives us, what motivates us. Some call this "soft" science fiction, but what's in a name?

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