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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Feeling the Pull

While progress continues on "Resistance," I feel a pull to other things as well.

Promotion. I'm still playing with the idea of a contest. People who have read, or want to read, "Two Faces, Two Faced" answer some quiz questions. Three winners would be chosen to receive a free ebook of "Game Faces," the sequel. I have the rules and the workings of it more or less laid out, but I keep hesitating to implement it. Perhaps it's just a matter of fearing that no one will enter. Anyone out there care to express interest in this? Advice?

Also on the promotion front, I've had several leads from people about doing appearances at libraries and book clubs in the area, but I have yet to follow through. I also wrote up a list of local libraries that I intend to contact with information about my books and my willingness to come and sign books or talk with people. I need to get more organized . . . or disciplined maybe.

I'm at kind of a knotty point in "Resistance" just now, having gotten past the turning point where the clues that have been piling up must now veer towards revelation and resolution. Being that I'm reworking an old manuscript, I have lots of scenes to choose from. It will just be a matter of picking the best of them to get the story told.

Time to get back to work on something . . .

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