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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Muse Takes A Holiday

At another of those spots where I'm not sure what's supposed to happen next, so I'm taking a short break, certain that if I do, it'll just come to me. That's how it usually happens at least. For some reason, the creative process can break down while seated at my computer. Then again, other times, things just start to flow.

These fits and starts can become very frustrating at times, but they have become the hallmark of the Jack Watson series. I think it's the multiple points of view that complicates it, as opposed to my other books which are first person, following a single thread. It's easier to stay in one character's head and view the story that way, but multiple POVs has its advantages too. Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that I'm not sure what the path ahead truly is. I have a few ideas for the big climactic scene but even that is still somewhat nebulous.

The long weekend will give me a good break over which to think things out. I have a lot to do in other areas besides writing, and I'd also like to enjoy some time with my husband while he's home. I've also started reading a novel which I purchased because of a Twitter post I read that sounded intriguing, which reminds me, I need to update my Goodreads book list to include it. I now keep a pad of paper at my elbow and write down stuff I need to do or check. And people told me I'd get bored without a regular day job!

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