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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Best Laid Plans

I sat down at my computer this morning with the plan to pound out a lot of pages on "The Janus Rule," but the great ideas I had in my head proved to be more difficult to put down. There are times where I will work out entire passages of dialog in my head, usually when I should be trying to get to sleep, and then forget the whole thing by morning, which can be very frustrating. I sometimes also think I have something well planned out only to realize it is still in the a formative stage. That's what happened today.

So Angel is investigating her case at the accounting firm, and my plan was for her to experience an encounter that would raise her suspicions about someone. It also involved her poking about an office of someone she already suspects, but I faced a dilemma of whether or not she should find something and if she did, would it exonerate that person or provide foundation for her suspicion? As I walked her through it, I found I kept changing my mind, mainly because it's time to get things moving, to get her onto some clues and maybe into a spot of danger. That was another of my big ideas--a little scene that will add another connection and also feature Angel's tough-as-nails side. It's got what I hope is a great line in it.

There was also the matter of doctoring earlier passages about her budding relationship to fit my new approach for her. All this added up to not producing the sort of output I thought I would. Such are the trials of being a "pantser."

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