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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Throwing Dirt

"Resistance" is now up to 43,000 words and counting. Having reached a turning point, where Dee's alliances and aims are shifting with her increased understanding of what's going on around her, it's time to add new conflicts.

Arline Chase has often quoted author and friend Carla Neggers on the subject of plotting, and I'll quote from Arline's blog: " create a character, then you put them in a big hole and throw dirt in on them. Every time they try to climb out (temporary triumph), you throw more dirt (obstacles), until the arrival of what Carla calls the 'big gloom' when it appears that there is no way out of the hole at all." 

Dee has reached a temporary triumph so now it's time to throw some dirt on her. She's feeling that triumph, a little powerful and ready to fight back, but her eagerness to do so will make the ride of the journey she's on rougher. Her budding relationship with Reese hits a few snags (which also help to define his character more) and the bad guys are about to take stronger measures to make sure Dee doesn't mess up their plans. She'll wind up longing for the good old days when she knew nothing, expected nothing, and stayed focused on her own survival. She'll question her own motives and weigh the gains and potential losses that come from her decisions, ones made already and ones to be made ahead. There's more action coming up, too. 

Originally, this story was to be the start of a series, and it might still be. I had a sequel mostly finished and some thoughts on a third. I think after my effort to sell the first book via an agent fizzled, and after three or more rewrites in that effort, I just couldn't bring myself to do anything more on it right away. Recently, though, a new twist, i.e., setting it in the future, inspired me to give it another go. I hope it's worth it, because I really like these people and the concept of their ongoing quest. 

Time will tell.

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