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Friday, July 19, 2013

Turning Point

A pivotal scene in "Resistance" is underway, and at 38,000 plus words, the book is about half finished. I also went back to earlier sections to embellish with details that help set the scene of the story, a few decades from now in a city on its way back from desolation. While I know this sort of thing has been done before, a return to the crumbling ruins of human civilization, it's just my setting. How it got that way isn't really the issue at hand, but the fact that some of the untamed areas still exist is important, both in the plot and as a symbol. To get into that now might reveal too much, though.

In an earlier post, I pointed out a "Gotcha" in which the transposition of two letters from one sentence to the next made a huge difference of meaning but would be undetected by computer editing software. This morning, I found similar example.

The fair would cost too much.
The fare would cost too much.

The first one indicates an event would be too expensive; the second references the fee charged for transportation. Both spellings are correct, and both are grammatically correct. In the middle of a story, one or the other would be wrong. Only careful proofreading by human eyes would catch this, the right choice of fair/fare depending on the context.

This "Gotcha" almost got me today!

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