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Friday, July 12, 2013

Busy Day

I wish I had more time to write today, but I have company coming this weekend and so have to do all that housework I normally put off in favor of writing the rest of the time.

"Resistance" is coming along really well. I've started thinking of it as a futuristic murder mystery romantic suspense novel. Okay, so maybe it's hard to categorize. In its original incarnation, there was already a sequel underway, but of course, now that's all changing. Guess I'll have to see where this one leads. I've added some facets of my main character that create some conflict for her in the future world I've created, in addition to the murder mystery and her introduction to a different view of how human society functions. At the beginning, she's like every other ordinary citizen, clueless to the forces that control her world. The murder peels back the curtain for her a peek, and then she'll be swept behind it, no longer sure what's real.

In a departure from my previous style of first-person point of view, I've decided to lighten up on my rule about using conjunctions in narrative. Lately, I've read books by other authors and have noticed that maybe it's not that big of an issue. I'm still using them sparingly, mainly when doing so improves the rhythm of a particular sentence, makes it more natural. And of course, conjunctions in dialog aren't at issue. That being said, I still find it irksome when I look at a page of print and see all those apostrophes. It just looks messy to me. But I can go with the flow.

Now I'm eager to give myself a little writing time before I start getting ready for company tomorrow.

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