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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Faces and Old

Now into Chapter 3 of "The Janus Games" where two more important characters take the stage. For anyone who read "The Changeling Kill," Angel Ortiz is back. She is the new point of view character I mentioned in some earlier posts, the one I had not developed in my head to the level required to give her a POV spot. I've slowly gotten into her head as I contemplated the plot. She's tough and independent, of course, and her main personality trait is she wants to be seen as a human being first, then as a woman, then as a Latino woman. She hates being stereotyped. She's cautious about men, perhaps too much so. Her cop's brain tends to suspect everyone of something. These will be decisive factors in both "cases" that she will help investigate--a stalker on the one hand and a small company who has an employee handing over customer information to a competitor.

The other new character about to make the scene is a cop -- and maybe even a suspect as well -- who will investigate the stalker angle and perhaps provide a love interest for Ms. Ortiz. I've got him partly mapped out, enough to start writing him.

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