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Thursday, April 4, 2013


Well, it's finally here. The big scene. The one I've been orchestrating for what seems like weeks. Oddly (or not) I find myself doing all sorts of other things instead of diving in.

Playing with cover art is one example. I have one layout done, but I also had a number of other ideas. A search for images on Google brought me to a dynamite picture I would love to be able to use, and in an unprecedented move, I sent an email to the website's administrator to ask permission. Haven't heard back yet. If the answer is no, or a too-high price is required, then I'll just go with what I have. It mirrors the look of the "Dabblers" cover, and I can fashion the blurb to have it make sense. I like to do that. There should be something in the blurb to suggest what that cover is about. I've read books by others where the cover art winds up making no sense at all. Doesn't seem fair. The thing that first drew my eye to the book has nothing to do with the story. Even if the story turns out to be excellent, I still feel duped.

Yesterday, I wrote up a plan for offering a limited editing service. I want it to be simple and affordable for the newbie writer, but I also want to protect myself legally. I believe the plan I made does this reasonably well. Heaven knows I've seen such offers in other places where that wasn't done. I still need to work out a few details before I'm ready too hang out the shingle.

On the promotional front, I have someone willing to review "Dabblers." Just hope the reviewer likes it. It would be so great to have a quote for the print edition.

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