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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Yesterday, I received my royalties for the first quarter and was delighted that it was more than for last year in total. Hope the trend keeps up.

Proofing of "Seer, Tyro, Fiend" continues this morning, and I'm finding gratifyingly little to change. Mostly a word here and there. I put aside concerns about chapter breaks because I won't know until after a first reading what else I might add or take out. The pacing is the most important thing.

Ideas for a Jack Watson #3 keep coming with different scenes building in my head or in my notes. I think I've started to nail down my main antagonist, the stalker, with a bit of background and motives. I'm liking the idea of having most of the mystery revolve around the identity of this person and who the target is, with all the other characters having a different notion about it. It sets up for a nice surprise revelation.

On another front, I've got two reviewers lined up for "Dabblers." It's a little bit scary waiting to hear someone else's opinion, but hopefully a good review or two will help pull in readers and pave the way for "Seer" when it's done.

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