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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Slow Going

The next Jack Watson mystery is underway. The six-finger typing method makes for snail-paced progress, with frequent rest breaks required due to the heaviness of the cast on  my arm. But I've done 5 pages so far this morning, and under the circumstances, I'm rather proud of myself. A couple of times, I've accidentally hit a key with the third finger of my left hand--very painful. It's the bone below it which is broken, and while I can bend the finger itself, pressure HURTS! But I'm slowly learning ways to work around my injury and look forward to being able to write at full speed again.

It's been a week of firsts, many of which I do not intend to do a second round. First time having an air bag go off. First time breaking any bones. First time being taken to the hospital by ambulance. First time being pushed along on a stretcher. At one point, while I waited for x-rays, I thought of how many times my book characters had done these things. My fictional accounts proved not far from reality, which just goes to show that the old rule "Write what you know" does not need to be applied rigidly.

Yesterday, I was looking at the Chicago Writers Association's website, and lo and behold, the article I wrote a ways back, "Observations for the Pre-published" is now posted. Here's a link.
CWA Write City Mag

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