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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Updates and Progress

I did some updating on this blog site yesterday, adding a page for "Seer, Tyro, Fiend." Added the same to my Google site, Kathryn Flatt, Writer . While I don't have a firm date on the book release yet, I thought seeing more about the sequel could induce some people to read "Dabblers" first.

Also yesterday, I sent the corrections for "Stranger Faces" the print book, so that one will also be coming out soon.

Now it's back to "Janus" for a while, at least until I get galleys for "Dabblers" the print book. The big scene I alluded to earlier is written, so the stalker angle is now evident to Jack and Tabitha as a concrete fact. So who fired shots into their bedroom? Someone stalking Tabitha? An old enemy of Jack's? A stalker of Jack? Someone concerned about the case he just started working on? All the characters will have their favorite suspect and motive, and I hope the result comes as a big surprise. That's always an issue for me, of course. I always wonder if I've made it too easy, either by what I put on the page or what is implied. Did I give the real antagonist too much face time and so subtly suggest this person is more important? I know who it is already, of course, and I know what the motive is. Now I just have to make sure the other suspects have equally believable motives.

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