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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Organic Development

Another good scene for "Janus Games" done this morning, and boy do my arms hurt! Typing with the cast on my arm requires holding my left up at an odd angle so the part of the cast that covers my palm clears the keyboard on my laptop. That makes me sit completely off kilter, so both arms get sore. (Two more days until I see the doctor about getting rid of this thing!)

There are a lot more ideas in my head for coming scenes, but the notion of how it all will come together and end up remains cloudy. Maybe that's a good thing. It means the story is inventing itself as I go which suggests a more natural, organic development process. I do know a few things, however. As I suggested in an earlier post, the real heroes will be unlikely ones and perhaps the same goes for the villains. That's probably the next part of the project to tackle is adding to the suspect list. The case Jack and Angel are working on together has already taken a turn which suggests enemy action. I added a layer to the cop character investigating the attack on Jack and Tabitha this morning. Will it all come together in the end? Or not? Even I don't know at this point.

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