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Friday, May 24, 2013


Okay, now Angel's doing her undercover work at the accounting firm who hired her and Jack to find out who is feeding sensitive information to the outside. She's somewhat out of her element since she's more accustomed to hunting down criminals as a cop, but she wants to prove to Jack that his faith in her as a private detective is justified. I started building the scene with her in the suburban accounting office and already realize that some of it may get cut.

Or not. The problem is, I haven't yet figured out who in this office is the culprit she's looking for. I know there are authors out there who would be appalled by such lack of planning, but I guess that's just how I roll. During my laughable attempts at planning "Janus Games," I made some notes and a list of employees of this firm. I've tweaked some of them. As Angel meets them, the names will be fleshed out into people with physical descriptions, backgrounds, opinions, and all that. She'll have to home in on suspects.

What got me unstuck from yesterday was an idea. For this case, Jack has already started poking around for information about the other firm that is benefiting by the leaked information, and he found that a former employee of his client now works for them. In light of that, Angel will have to determine if that person still has access to the computer system. My inspiration--a computer system that can't be hacked. I think it would actually work, although it still has some security issues. This is going to be even more fun!

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