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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Aarrrgh! Stuck

It's one of those times when I find I don't know enough about what happens next. I wrote a turning-point scene in "Janus Games" yesterday, and today...stuck-ola.

I know the next scene should belong to Angel and move her undercover case forward. But she also has to react to what happened with Jack and Tabitha the night before. How will it influence her investigation?

I also know that Jack and Tabitha do not share the same assumptions about the big event and why it occurred. They won't be discussing it right away but taking their own actions.

There's also the cop who is investigating and his new relationship with Angel. She's always suspicious of everyone, and he'll be no exception. More conflict, which is good.

Time to sit down and think this over, imagine myself in Angel's shoes.

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