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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ah, Proofreading

This morning, I picked up the galley files for "Stranger Faces" the print book and I started reading. Once again, I find myself itching to change little things that don't really need it--a phrase reused in too short an interval, a word, a paragraph change--but I know I must resist. I'm on Chapter 4 now and have only found one real correction.

I also added a bit to "Janus Games" first thing, having jotted some notes on ideas the night before. At times it seems that my subconscious knows the plot before I do and supplies those ideas as needed, surprising me with how well things fit together. Even when I have to devote some time to proofing galleys, I try to keep adding to my current work in progress so the story doesn't lose its allure in my imagination. I also think about how great it is to not have a regular day job to get in my way.

As for things that get in my way, in 15 more days, I'll get rid of one of them--the cast on my arm.

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