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Thursday, May 30, 2013

In the Name of Promotion

I just spent most of the morning printing a review copy of "Dabblers" to send out. Nothing is easy with this cast on my arm. Printing, changing an ink cartridge, loading paper, stacking pages, three-hole punching the pages, inserting them into a binder. Before I even got that far, I had to fiddle around with the file to get page numbers to print on each sheet. Should be easy, right? Wrong. For some reason, my Microsoft Word page number "gallery" isn't working. I finally had to copy and paste from a different manuscript to get the job done. Whew! Now I have to get it to the post office and on its way.

Yesterday, after working on "Janus Games" until my arms were sore, I explored the web for ideas on promoting books. One article reminded me that I am probably not making the best use of Twitter. Of late, I have only been "tweeting" when I have a new blog entry, but I know I should be taking a little time out to read the tweets of others and either retweeting or favorite-ing them for the increased exposure.

On the Write Words, Inc. Author's Guide, the Publicity page starts out with "Don't Hide Your Light Under a Bushel". An author working with a small publisher (or self-published) must participate heavily in promoting his/her work, and this requires tooting one's own horn wherever and whenever possible. To that end, I was having a phone conversation yesterday with a career-transition consultant (how and why is a long story, and not relevant) and because I mentioned being a published author, she said she was eager to look up my books online. Maybe she'll buy one (or more!) and maybe she'll tell other people about our conversation and get them interested. Word of mouth works, too.

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