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Friday, May 10, 2013

Oh, To Be Able To Type As Fast As I Think

"Janus Games" is progressing surprisingly well even with my physical impediments. I keep thinking of the Jimmy Buffett song, "Son of a Son of a Sailor" as he performed it on a long-ago TV appearance where he appeared with one leg in a cast. He altered the final phrases of the song in comment: "This cast is a drag. It's really too bad, and I feel like I'm pulling a trailer." Who would have thought that around twelve inches of hardened gauze could weigh so much?

Back to "Janus" though. I started writing another passage yesterday and left it at an anticlimactic point. So Jack has a new client coming in. Big deal. Then I thought of a way to make it a big deal by letting him start to wonder about his client, an old friend who is also his accountant. The friend wants him to investigate who in his firm is giving client account information to a competing firm. Because Jack has done business with that accountant for years, he'll send his new associate in under cover. It also set up the fact that many of the firm's  employees had been invited to the big party (trying not to give up too much here), so they become suspects in the stalking case as well because of evidence found there. Of course, only the reader knows the significance of that evidence which was created in a scene from the stalker's point of view.

This is going to get complicated. What fun!

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