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Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Weekend Off!

How refreshing! After working 12 days without a break, I had the weekend off. Our best friends came over for one of our monthly get-togethers, and I spent a lot of the day cleaning and cooking. Today, I am taking another look at the taxes (ugh!).

It is truly gratifying to see the hits on my blog trending upward, but I would still really like to see some interaction with my visitors. Even if someone just clicked on the reactions, that would be welcome.

I am hoping that very soon, I can really get down to some furious writing on "Game Faces." I have a lot of scenes developed in my head that need to get set in print. In this sequel, Tracy has faced some heavy-duty challenges, each of which makes her reevaluate some aspect of herself or her life. Her adventures are about growing and learning. As outlined in "Two Faces, Two Faced," she had a happy life and a plan for the future until tragedy struck. Then she put her life on hold for almost a decade, hiding from personal attachments and going with the flow. Through her experience in that novel, she began to change her view about staying totally independent, i.e., without forging new strong connections. "Game Faces" continues that personal journey.

Will there be a third Tracy Wiley novel? Perhaps. I can see some things already developing with a newly introduced character who shakes up her understanding of herself and what she wants. I can also envision the return of a character from the first book, who also makes an appearance in the second, playing a more major role in the third. But that's a ways into the future.

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