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Sunday, April 15, 2012


Taxes are done! Whew!

Just received check for first quarter book sales. Guess I'm not going to be quitting my day job just yet. (Sigh)

Part way through my second proofreading of "The Changeling Kill." As usually happens, I'm tired of reading my own book for the umpteenth time, but I keep finding things and I know I have to proceed carefully to find all the issues.

I am giving consideration to entering a contest which my publisher posted for the best new Kindle books of the year. "Two Faces, Two Faced" meets the publishing date requirements. My last hurdle is signing up for PayPal which will be used for the entry fee. I am always somewhat suspicious of providing account information to places, but I guess I need to get hip with the times.

Eager to get back to writing "Game Faces." I have managed to do a little bit on it in the last few days, but no dramatic progress. As always, I continue "writing" scenes for it in my head.

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