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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One Step Closer

Received the final cover art for "The Changeling Kill" today, and it looks fantastic with the lettering on it. Come May 1st, I'll update this page so it is there with the other two novels. And then I'll update Goodreads, Authors Den, my Google page, and Facebook. Whew!

Making progress on "Game Faces," as well. I've sketched out ideas for the wrap-up chapter, although there's one big confrontation scene I'm still tinkering with in my head. I've also gone back to earlier chapters to tweak things, scatter around important information so I don't have to do it all at the very end, and added sensory-type imagery. More of that to come. I believe I'll also have to read through it while making notes to be sure there are no anachronisms, i.e., stuff being said before it happens. Those crop up easily during these backtracking sessions.

And, oh dear, I'll have to start thinking about another cover! Once again, I have an image already in mind, but figuring out how to execute it is a whole different thing. Should I try drawing it myself? Haven't done much drawing in many years although I used to come up with some fairly decent renderings. Maybe have an artist do it? I know someone who knows someone who might be able to do it. Ah well, there's certainly time. Having a completed first draft is a long, long way to having something ready to publish.

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