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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Project From Hell

Current project at my day job has severely bitten into my writing time. I sit in a room with a bunch of people all day, and while they have things to do, I have little or nothing to do. Yet, for the sake of appearances only, I must spend an entire day waiting around "in case something happens."

I have made a great many notes for "Game Faces" when I finally get an opportunity to work on it again. Being unable to "feed the beast," as it were, leaves me drained, frustrated, and angry at the end of each day.

Perhaps someday soon, they will come to the (correct) conclusion that they have nothing for me to do anymore, and they will send me on my way. That will most likely be one of the happiest days of my life. I can hope for some severance, I'll plan for unemployment, but then I can turn my attention to what I love doing most, at least for a while -- or for ever if I can earn enough at it.

Another idea that struck me was to offer an editing service to new writers. While I cannot claim to be any sort of expert, I have two published novels and have learned a great deal in the process of getting them published. I would offer several levels of editing. First, send me the first five pages and for a fee, you'll get a quick analysis and hints about what could be improved. Second, for a fee, perhaps by the word or page, grammar, spelling, punctuation, word repetition, and formatting errors. Third, for a slightly higher fee, notation of continuity errors, construction errors, and other such broad subjects in addition to what was in the second level. I've seen such structures from other editors-for-hire, so I think it would work.

Writing and helping others with writing--now there's a career I can get behind!

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