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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Put It To Bed

"The Changeling Kill" corrections, etc., were sent off to Write Words this morning, so now it's back to work on "Game Faces," to my relief. As much as I like writing novels, and to some degree reading them, it does get a little tiresome going over and over the same thing in a relatively short period of time.

In "Game Faces," I went back today and lengthened a couple of scenes. In one case, a new character needed better definition. In the other, Alex needed to get up to speed on Tracy's current jam sooner rather than later. While I did not have her hash over it in detail, merely put in a paragraph of her telling that she told him, later scenes make more sense now. I know there will be another scene inserted as well, which will provide the setup for the conclusion. Since the big action sequence is over, I also have to write the wrap up. Part of the purpose for all the additional scenes is to have some of the reasons and explanations already covered so that no new material gets introduced at the end. (So Sherlock Holmes, holding out until after it's all over to produce key bits of evidence!)

Once I have a complete first draft, inserted scenes and additional see-feel-hear-touch details, then I'll probably let it rest a bit. I'll also have to start thinking about cover art.

And on to the next project, but what will it be? I have some vague ideas for third installments of both "Dreamer" and "Faces" series, but they are so ill-defined, they don't even warrant being called "plots." I'm giving real thought to going back to one of my earlier manuscripts, the one with supernatural-psychic-new age themes. It will require some rewriting, mainly to introduce conflict much earlier in the story. There are also a number of other older novels which could benefit from rewrites to varying degrees, one of them never even got finished before. So hard to decide  . . .

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