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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Time On My Hands

Ack! Having all my time to do what I will with it, I often find myself scattered. There are things I need to do and things I want to do, and they always seem to be at war for my time. My original goal in governing this is to do some of each every day. Unfortunately, the "wants" seem to be winning more often than not. Worse, when I reach a point in writing "Seer, Tyro, Fiend" where I need to think on it some more, I wind up doing a "want" instead of a "need" and then berating myself for having so little discipline. Gotta work on this.

"Seer" moving along well. I'm going for an unconventional sort of resolution which I hope will both surprise and satisfy. The scenes I worked on this morning do some of the setup for that. I'm still working out how the big showdown will play out, where it will occur, who will be there, as well as what everyone does. Of course, there must be some danger involved although I'm not sure what that will be exactly. The ideas are swirling around in the darkness of my imagination, however, and eventually they'll come together.

Today's Gotchas:

To/too/two I honestly think people on social websites have just given up on these three words and replace all forms of it with the numeral "2", which is only equivalent to the last of the three and means nothing else, ever. Too is comparative, i.e., it's just too much, or means the same as "also": I want to go too. To is used in a lot of ways, but given the definitions of the other forms, suffice it to say, it gets used wherever the others don't work.

Peal/Peel Did the car "peal" out of the parking lot, or did it "peel"? It's the first one! Peal means a loud sound. Ah, but one would "peel rubber" on a tire in the act of "pealing" out of the parking lot. Whew!

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