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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Recap of Day 1

Accomplished a lot of writing-related stuff yesterday. Lots of writing done on "Seer, Tyro, Fiend." I decided, since my post yesterday, that I did not need to figure out all the esoteric clues I was about to deliver. I can always go back and tweak, augment, and refine what I write. Once that scene was done, another one developed smoothly from it. And the reason it flowed so smoothly was because I let the characters take over. I let them be who they are as they tackled the situation.

Galley proof for "Game Faces" the print edition - done. Verifying corrections to "The Changeling Kill" print edition - done. In the process, I picked up some interesting editing info. I did not know that Gurney should be capitalized because it is a trade name for a particular type of stretcher. I also did not know that the Chicago Manual of Style says that the word "god" should only be capitalized when used reverently. When a character says, "Oh my god" - no capital g. Never knew that.

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