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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Ever-Present Promotion Quandary

While I continue to make progress on "Seer, Tyro, Fiend," I spent some time this morning (and a little bit yesterday) in the name of promotion. Yesterday, I did some research on The Kindle Book Review and how to inquire about submitting something. Oddly enough, this morning I received an email from CWA about the services of Windy City Reviews. On a whim, I put together a query to submit "Dabblers" for review, since it's in the pipeline for a paper edition. Then I did some reviews on Goodreads of some books I read many years ago because the characters and scenes in them still pop into my head from time to time. So much for promotions for today.

Lots of progress on the writing front with more pieces of the puzzle coming together. I know I'm getting closer to the Big Scene, yet I"m still not certain about how it will go down, or where, or what the outcome will be. I have ideas, yes, but no solid design.

Speaking of designs, as "Seer" draws nearer to completion, I need to put my graphic designer hat on to do a cover. I have seen so many extraordinary works of art via Facebook that would make great covers for "Seer" but I'll have to do some research to find out who the artist is and would it be possible to either use one that I've seen or ask for a new one just for this book. I have other concepts rolling around in my brain as well, and as usual, they prove hard to execute with my meager artistic tools and abilities. If only I could "write" them...

Been falling short on my "Gotchas" feature, so I decided to look up some words that are spelled differently but are pronounced the same. I learned, to my surprise, that these are called "homophones" and not "homonyms" as I thought. Learn something new every day. I found a website list, reading it as a memory nudger, and came across one that has given me pause (paws?) more than once:

ade/aid/aide The first one is really a suffix when not masquerading as a surname; it goes with lemonade or blockade. The second one is to give help or a noun applied to that help itself. The third one is where I usually have a problem; it means a person who is a helper. Somehow, even when I type it correctly, I catch myself wondering if it's right and have to look it up anyway.

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