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Friday, March 22, 2013

Flying Over Hurdles

"Seer, Tyro, Fiend" is closing in on the Big Scene. Along the way, I've been dealing with the build up to that, hitting obstacles and clearing them just as fast. Yet I'm abundantly aware that I don't know where all the build up will lead. Where will the showdown take place? Who will be there? Who will be instrumental in achieving the outcome? For the moment, there are at least six characters involved who should probably take the stage, but that seems a bit too complicated to be believable. Yes, I know, this is fiction and I can tell my tale any way I choose. Or can I? If someone who eventually reads it finds it hard to accept, they might review it as being silly or preposterous or contrived. A review like that might make others steer clear.

So I now must ask myself the philosophical question, why do I care? Is it about sales? As an author, of course sales are meaningful, but the fact is, I would probably write stories even if I wasn't getting published. (I sure did a lot of writing before I got published.) Is it about fame or acclaim or respect? Those would be nice. Restating the question, why do I write? I weave these intricate stories in my head and feel compelled to put them on paper and attempt to get others to read them. Being published means the chance to find more readers. That leads to the question of why people read fiction at all. Escape, enjoyment, inspiration, education--any and all might apply.

Kind of interesting, though. Some can't get enough to read and some can't stop creating stuff for them to read. Expand that to music or performing arts. It's about creativity, both the act of it and appreciating it. Only humans (so far as we know) do this. Therefore, I create because I am human.

Okay. Good enough reason. Done with philosophy for today.

Once again, as I wrote this, I hit upon a Gotcha. This one is a true homonym: steer, one word with two meanings. It means a head of livestock or to guide or pilot, as a ship. For some reason, I always thought there was another spelling, i.e., stear, but a check of my dictionary says no such word. Well then, I guess I no longer have to question that one.

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