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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On the Right Track

Imagine my surprise yesterday evening when I found 24 hits on this blog for the day. I'm still not entirely sure how these counts are done, whether the 24 represents multiple page views by one person, single views by many, or somewhere in between. Maybe I don't want to know for sure, because the number itself provides a sense of success and satisfaction.

"Seer, Tyro, Fiend" is now well over 53,000 words, and things are moving faster now. I'm still working out the Big Scene, however, but not too actively at this point as I have to get the set-up right. I've set a goal to have a first draft done before the end of March, and who knows? Maybe it'll be closer to being ready than that. Then I'll have to start agonizing over cover art. As usual, I have a lot of ideas, pictures in my head, but no clear idea of how to bring them about.

In the realm of promotion, I find it increasingly difficult to come up with advertising messages in the face of my newest book being part of a series. "Stranger Faces" recently received a 5-star rating on Goodreads, and I don't think the reader has read the first two "Faces" books, and that says the book stands up well on its own. Still, I don't know that I want to market it that way. To me, the three books form their own sort of unit, and if I were reading them out of order, I would feel compelled to go back to the earlier volumes to find out what all those hints are about. That's just me though.

Today's Gotcha. This one relates to "Seer" in a way, and I happened upon it in one of my editing books.

sleight/slight  The first word means deft or skillful and is most often used in the phrase sleight of hand. the second word refers to size or amount. I've heard the phrase sleight of hand so many times, yet I think I might have written it wrong on occasion. Who knew?

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