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Monday, March 4, 2013

Discovering Characters - Mine

I just finished working on a scene between Stefanie and Paul, and I'm surprised by how it turned out. Odd thing, isn't it? The characters took over again and found their own way through a conflict. I sometimes wonder how much control I have over these people of my imagination.

The larger issue, though, is if I continue to let them be who they are, do they ever grow? Since last year's rewrite of "Dabblers," I have been determined to make Stefanie a stronger person and growing more so as things progress. Now I'm a little worried about Paul. Is he too good? Too perfect? Too understanding? If he is never more than a foil for Stefanie and a means to resolving a puzzle, does that make him more of a character and less of a person?

I have another scene coming up which may lead the way to a decision about where his character will go, but once again, I find I'm letting the characters take over. I have a closing scene in mind (although the big denouement is still a mystery to me!) which will reveal a somewhat different side of Stefanie, but one I think readers will understand and embrace. Heavens! I sure hope so.

Just reread what I've written here, and lo and behold, something clicked. Maybe a lead-in to Vol. 3 of the Windsong Lake series?

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