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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Back to Writing

I finished another key scene in "Seer" yesterday and this morning which sets up for the confrontation of good and evil. As I wrote it, I saw a way to employ one character's flaws to heighten the action. I did go back and tweak parts of the scene because I realized I'd left out some crucial questions that Stefanie would have definitely wanted to ask the person she was talking to. She didn't get a direct answer, but it was important to keep that element of the puzzle in the forefront. I also had an inspiration about the final scene and maybe an idea of where it takes place. Don't have all the pieces just yet, but it's finally coming.

Did a bit of web searching for cover art ideas for "Seer" and tried to figure out how to execute some of the images that have developed in my head. One idea I sort of discarded because it was too intricate and would leave no room for the title and my name without covering important details. An image I saw somewhere (can't quite remember exactly where) presented a good option that sort of meshed with the design of the "Dabblers" cover. Still a long way to go on cover art, I guess.

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