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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quite A Day

Imagine my surprise when I checked the statistics on my blog this morning to see 38 hits. The highest one-day total to date. By noon, it hit 41. I don't know what's driving it, but I hope it continues!

I also checked the Fictionwise site for bestsellers under the publisher listing. "The Changeling Kill" came in at #6! And it hasn't even been out a month yet! While I realize that list represents only sales through Fictionwise for books from Write Words, it's still very gratifying to be on any top ten list at all.

First pass on Chapter 1 of "Dabblers" complete. I believe I've fixed some of the problems mentioned in yesterday's post, although it proved to be a tougher exercise than I thought it would be. Interweaving back story and descriptions of scenes in the first-person POV can be tricky. I once received some advice that first-person should be akin to someone telling a story to a best friend, but since a best friend would know more in advance than almost any reader, some exposition is required. For example, the layout of my fictional town and especially the house where much of the action takes place should be set in the reader's mind well before that action begins. I don't want to have to lay out the geography right before it becomes necessary lest I bog down the pace and ruin the suspense. Tricky, but certainly not impossible.

Now, on to Chapter 2.

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