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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Changeling Kill - Soundtrack

As I've probably noted before for my other novels, music plays an important role in inspiring me in my writing. Sometimes, the words of a song strike a chord (no pun intended) and spark an idea for a scene. Other times, something I happen to hear seems to mesh with a bit of the novel already written, as though it was made to be played in the movie if the novel ever became one.

Now that "The Changeling Kill" is published -- still waiting for more vendors -- it's time for IF MY BOOK BECAME A MOVIE. I'll list these by the name of the song in the book.

We Can Soar - This is Tabitha Solo's big number in the concert that is the setting for the big denouement. While it is not an actual song, it was inspired by "Running" from the Sarah Brightman disk "Symphony." Both the real and the imagined song feature orchestra and choir. Both start out in a more classical mode with a rock band featured in the middle section.

Smooth - An actual song by Carlos Santana with Rob Thomas doing vocals. In the book, it's being played at a party.

Taking Care of Business - Old song by Bachman, Turner Overdrive from decades ago. It gets mentioned as the ring tone Tabitha uses for her manager.

Cover Me - The Bruce Springsteen tune which Tabitha sang to Jack in "The Dreamer Gambit." She now uses it as her ring tone for him.

Love Awake - A nonexistent song I made up at the end of "The Dreamer Gambit." Tabitha wrote it for Jack and people tell her how much they like it.

Next come the songs not actually mentioned in the book but which I heard and felt connected to it.

A Girl Like You - by Edwyn Colllins. There's a lyric in there: "Now my hands are bleeding and my knees are raw. 'Cos now you've got me crawling, crawling on the floor." This one relates to Jack's relationship with his ex-wife, Victoria.

Suddenly You Love Me - Old song by the Tremeloes (hope I spelled that right). Another song for Jack and Victoria. "Oh there's never been a woman who can treat me like you do . . ."

Jack's tortuous relationship was only hinted at in "The Dreamer Gambit," but it takes center stage in "Changeling" since it's Victoria who hires him and pulls him into the plot.

Next up, casting. While the main characters were cast in the blog post for "Dreamer," there are a number of other roles to fill in "Changeling." I haven't really thought about them in depth, but will for a future post.

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